Recommended Product For Dressage Rings:

The MR25 is capable of irrigating a dressage ring in one pass with 3 to 10 GPM and a pressure range of 40 to 60 PSI.  This model is the perfect size for dressage rings and does a wonderful job covering the footing evenly throughout.  The sprinkler pattern is set for side to side coverage as the base unit retracts the hose at the speed you choose to apply your desired rate of water.  Sprinkler head distance may be controlled by the arc setting or by diffusing the pattern to meet the regulation widths of a dressage ring.  Simply locate the base unit at one end of the ring, release the drive, and walk the sprinkler to the opposite end of the ring.  Return to the base unit, attach the water hose and turn on the water.  The rest is easy!  The machine will retract at the speed you choose while you are left free to accomplish other tasks!  When the sprinkler cart reaches the base unit, the shut off valve will close and the machine will shut off leaving you with a perfectly watering ring.

Maximum Irrigated Width: 98 ft.  (Width coverage may be dialed lower for regulation rings.)

Dressage Ring Dimensions: 197 ft. x 66 ft.

Dressage MR25