How It Works

Micro Rain travelers have years of proven field service and simply do the job! Constructed with a durable all-metal chassis and drum design, these machines are built to stand up to years of use. At the heart of the Micro Rain is the rugged and reliable turbine drive system. Smooth and efficient power is developed as the water flows past the fins of the turbine impeller, powering our direct mounted gearbox system to drive the reel. All water entering the turbine remains in the system and passes through the sprinkler head, eliminating any need for water to be wasted or dumped around the machine unlike other drive systems.

How water moves through the turbine.


The Micro Rain system can use a variety of water sources, such as wells, lakes, rivers, municipal water or grey water from lagoons. The turbine drive system has earned the reputation of being very forgiving when faced with water quality issues such as high mineral contents, grit and sand.

The latest technology, robotic welding, and precise machine work ensures your Micro Rain purchase will remain cutting-edge, high quality and long lasting. We invite you to take a look at our unique design features and check out the advantages for yourself!


All systems include part circle impact or rotor style sprinkler, supply hose, manufacturers warranty on parts for 1 year from time of purchase and manufacturers warranty on poly tubing for 3 years from time of purchase.

MR43 How it woks


1)  Chassis:  3-wheel design provides a stable base and easy to tow behind small powered vehicles and room for mounting boost pumps.
2)  Hitch:  Heavy-duty design with strong hinge and doubles as the anchor or stabilizer when raised in operating position.  One part number serves two functions.
3)  Drum Gear:  Heavy-duty drive gear is bolted to the reel so if the need ever arises, it can be replaced with simple tools.  No need for a cutting torch and welder.
4)  Levelwind:  Scroll levelwind wraps tube accurately on the reel as the machine operates. No chains or gearboxes.
5)  Shutoff:  Micro rains are all designed with mechanical water shutoffs.  These creative shutoffs eliminate the tubes, filters, and values actuating devices normally associated with traveler shutoffs.
6)  Cart Lift:  A one-piece hanger is incorporated as a part of the sprinkler cart to easily hang the cart on the machine.  The MR50, MR58, and MR63 cart lifts automatically onto the machine at the end of the run.
7)  Cart Tires:  MR43 and larger machines all have pneumatic wheels.
8)  Rear Wheel:  Sealed bearings with wide turn tires.  Eliminates the need to grease on a regular basis.  Turf tires provide proper support to help keep machine from rutting in soft or wet soils.
9)  PTO Rewind:  Used to make small adjustments or to wind machine up if the need arises to service or if the field is wet.
10)  Turbine:  The ultimate design in drive trains for small travelers.  Compact direct coupled, eliminates belts, pulleys, springs, and unnecessary parts and pieces. 
11)  Chain Cover:  Levelwind chain cover completely wraps the chain reducing exposure to the rain, dust, and hard water being pumped.  This increases the longevity of the chain and reduces maintenance.