Recommended Products For Soccer Fields:

Micro Rain offers a broad range of models and benefits for soccer field irrigation. The portability, ease of operation, and unmatched performance capabilities of these machines are ideal for any sports complex. Multiple fields may be watered with one unit by utilizing the convenient tow hitch design to move the Micro Rain from field to field. The Micro Rain traveler may be adapted to many different water sources including municipal water sources, wells, and even water from ponds, rivers, or other surface water sources. Each machine has a range of flow for it's respective hose size and with the help of our engineering department, we can assist in sizing your water source piping or adapt the correct machine to your existing water source so that you are assured of maximum performance from your Micro Rain traveler. Boost pump packages may also be added to enhance the performance of any Micro Rain traveler.

Below are some common models used on soccer fields.  You may click on the red link to view the flow chart for each machine.

Soccer Field Dimensions: 360 ft. x 180 ft.

The Micro Rain MR32 is utilized on small fields or larger fields where two settings are acceptable. The two wheel design is easily moved by hand or can be adapted to tow with an optional hitch kit. Operates from a 1 inch line (or 3/4" garden hose if flow and pressure are adequate) and requires 7 to 22 gallons per minute water flow, producing wetted areas up to 308 feet long and 132 feet wide. The MR32 is a great choice for smaller athletic fields or even larger fields when your budget may not justify the larger volume machines.

Maximum Irrigated Width: 132 feet  I  Maximum Irrigated Length: 308 feet  I  Inlet Size:  1"

MR32 Soccer


The Micro Rain MR43 is widely used on all types of sports turf applications and is an excellent choice for soccer fields. This unit is capable of majority coverage on soccer fields in a single pass down the center when adequate flow and pressure is provided. The MR43 with the optional 5.5 horsepower Honda boost pump provides maximum coverage of up to 488 feet long and 160 feet wide. Flow rates range from 15 to 60 gallons per minute.

Maximum Irrigated Width: 160 feet  I  Maximum Irrigated Length: 488 feet  I  Inlet Size:  2", Adaptable to 1.5"

MR43 Soccer


The Micro Rain MR58 carries 460 feet of tube length for covering fields with extra grass areas outside of the normal playing field boundaries or if larger flow rates are available from your water source. With flows up to 100 gallons per minute, the larger MR 58 is easily capable of watering a soccer field in a single pass! This model accommodates flow ranges from 25 to 100 gallons per minute and coverages of up to 200 feet wide and 568 feet long. The MR58 may also be outfitted with our powerful 9hp on board booster package for maximum performance.

Maximum Irrigated Width: 200 feet  I  Maximum Irrigated Length: 568 feet  I  Inlet Size:  2"

MR58 Soccer