3/4 HP Electric Booster Pump with Automatic Torrium2 Control System

BT14-30 Booster System gives you the ultimate performance in strong, even water pressure. The flow control starts the pump as soon as you switch on the tap and continues running until water is no longer required. This booster pump is great for boosting our model MR25, adding up to 35 lbs of boost pressure or our MR32 adding up to 25 lbs of boost pressure. Because the BT14-30 uses a flow control, it requires a minimum of 20 psi incoming pressure for the flow control to operate consistently.  Shutdown will be automatic once the Micro Rain shut off valve closes at the end of the run!



Systems are Compact, Quiet, & Easy to Install · Stainless Steel Impeller & Casing · Silicon Carbide/Carbon Mechanical Seal · Robust Metal NPT Threads: 1" MIPT on Discharge & 1.25" FIPT on Suction · Flow Sensor Preset: On at 1.2 GPM & Off at 0.7 GPM · 120 Volts, 6.9 Amps, 60 Hz. · Boosts Incoming Pressure 35 PSI (@ 5 GPM)