Sports Fields & Grounds


Micro Rain is Sports Field Irrigation Made Easy!  Automatic sports field irrigation has never been easier! The Micro Rain line of travelers offers a cost effective, portable method for effective sports turf irrigation.

Coaches, landscape managers, and groundskeepers have added pressure these days when it comes to turf maintenance. More emphasis is being placed on turf being properly maintained for looks and to help today's athletes avoid serious injury. It's called proactive management and with the addition of a Micro Rain traveling irrigation system, the results can be significant. These machines are designed to be extremely user friendly, have unparalleled performance, and operate completely unattended. They are a great alternative to in-ground irrigation systems which are typically more expensive, higher maintenance, and have sprinkler heads that often need to be repaired, causing damage to the field. Proven turf management programs that include aeration, fertilization, and a Micro Rain irrigation system with its uniform water applications will ensure your field has a "softer feel" and healthier look.

The portability, ease of operation, and unmatched performance capabilities of a Micro Rain traveling sprinkler are ideal for any sports complex.  Multiple fields may be watered with one unit by utilizing the convenient tow hitch design to move from field to field.  With seven base models to choose from and a variety of options, Micro Rain will have your field covered!

Standard Features:  

  • Turbine Drive System
  • Automatic Shut-down
  • Variable Speed Control
  • Supply Hose Included
  • Stabilizer Legs
  • Scroll Level Wind System
  • Part Circle Sprinkler
  • Nozzle Set Included
  • Tube Mis-wrap Safety
  • 3 Year Poly Tube Warranty
  • Pressure Readout
  • Convenient Winter Drain Port

*Scroll levelwind not available on MR25 model

Sports Field Model Options:

Boost pump kits for enhanced performance in low pressure situations
Sprinkler upgrade options to maximize water availability and coverage
Engine drive option for high speed synthetic turf cooling

Common Sports Field Models:
MR32  (Hose Size:  1” ID x 242 ft)
Max Wetted Area (ft):  130 wide x 308 long
Water Source Connection:  1 inch

MR43  (Hose Size:  1.43” ID x 393 ft)
Max Wetted Area (ft):  160 wide x 492 long
Water Source Connection:  1.5 or 2 inch

MR58  (Hose Size:  1.9” ID x 460 ft)
Max Wetted Area (ft):  200 wide x 560 long
Water Source Connection:  2 inch

MR63  (Hose Size:  2.1” ID x 328 ft)
Max Wetted Area (ft):  250 wide x 450 long
Water Source Connection:  2 inch

Synthetic Turf Cooling:
Synthetic turf fields require maintenance by applying water during playing seasons to keep the infill material clean and conditioned. Critically high temperatures causing unsafe conditions for players can be present during hot weather.  These conditions can be greatly reduced by adding a light application of water to significantly cool field surface temperatures.  Micro Rain offers synthetic turf engine driven models capable of high speed retraction rates over 500 feet per hour for applying a fast, light application to cool and rinse playing surfaces.